Mioty Alliance Member LORIOT Announces Release of Its Hybrid Network Management System

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Mioty Alliance member LORIOT, the global IoT company based in Switzerland, releases version 8.1 of its hybrid Network Management System, “Hummingbird”. This release brings major enhancements to the mioty® service center as well as new features. In order to promote the adoption of this innovative technology, with this latest release, the mioty capabilities are now available to everyone for free on two Public Community Servers located in Europe and US.

LORIOT NMS version 8.1 has brought significant upgrades to the mioty® service center, including downlink and, first in the market, the Smart Attachment Propagation feature. These additions make the LORIOT mioty® service center a highly advanced and comprehensive solution for enabling Massive IoT deployment globally.

Hummingbird 8.1 also includes the new Payload Decoder. This feature is exclusively available to our Private Server customers, enabling them to create and modify custom decoders. This, in turn, helps them to easily translate encoded data from sensor devices into a human-readable format.

The Payload Decoder greatly simplifies the process of extracting and interpreting data from IoT devices, making it a highly valuable tool for our customers.

While only private customers can customize and create new decoders, the LORIOT team will soon provide a library of decoders for the most common devices and formats.

“Our constant innovation and introduction of new features are aimed towards providing our customers with scalable, simple, and efficient tools to easily operate their long-range networks. The Release 8.1 is a significant step in that direction.”

Gianni Zizzi, Chief Technology Officer at LORIOT

This updated version has already been deployed on the Community Public Servers in Europe (EU3, located in Madrid, Spain) and the US (US2, located in Virginia), where mioty® capabilities are now available for free to all users. With these new integrated capabilities, LORIOT’s hybrid solution can now be extensively tested by users.

“The mioty ecosystem is rapidly maturing, and there is increasing attention and interest in this technology. The benefits that its introduction can guarantee are considerable and measurable. That’s why we wanted to open our solution to our Community and to all those interested in testing its potential. Starting today, everyone can use LORIOT’s services completely for free, taking advantage of their quality and experience.”

Julian Studer, CEO and Founder of LORIOT

For more details on the new features included in LORIOT Network Management System Hummingbird v8.1, please refer to the official release notes.

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mioty alliance
mioty alliance
The most robust, efficient and scalable IoT connectivity solution available.
The most robust, efficient and scalable IoT connectivity solution available.