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Helping companies and cities to benefit from the full potential of IoT to achieve a more competitive, sustainable, and datacratized society.


Libelium: Smart Parking Solution

Libelium has developed a smart parking solution utilizing radar technology for the precise detection of parking spaces.

Libelium Smart Agriculture

Libelium's Smart Agriculture solutions include a wide range of agriculture sensors for a great variety of agricultural applications.

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Meet Libelium

LIBELIUM is a company born from a university project in Zaragoza in 2006 that designs solutions focused on three verticals: Sustainability, to help companies become greener and transparent, Smart Cities & Infrastructure, to develop more livable cities, and Agri-food, to take advantage of the full potential of our natural resources, which are increasingly scarce and threatened.

With constantly improving technology, Libelium develops its services around the world, focusing on Central and North America, as well as Europe.

The key to Libelium's growth is the interoperability of its IoT platform. This fact has allowed Libelium to involve many companies in a large ecosystem of partners and distributors.

In addition, there is a community of +10,000 developers from the world's largest companies that have developed IoT projects in +120 countries with Libelium technology.

Now, after its first business acquisition, it has a team of more than 80 highly qualified people.

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