Become a Contributor

Become a Contributor

Contributors are individuals or companies who are passionate about the IoT space and are looking to share their knowledge either under their own company or personal brand.

Members and Writers have exclusive access to the internal IoT For All community, Editorial Staff, and a larger breadth of options for sharing content. The only catch? To stay an Active Contributor, Writers and Members have to submit and publish at least two pieces of content per year.

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Writers have their own profiles and can publish under their personal brand on IoT For All. As a Writer, you have the option to submit articles and press releases.
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Companies can join the community as Members - as a Member, you can share articles, press releases, solutions, and events, all under your company's brand.
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Contributor FAQ

A Contributing Writer is a person representing themselves, while Members are companies. Articles can be submitted by a Writers or Members, and can be attributed to both, but most other content types must be submitted by Members.

To become a contributor, all you need to do is submit an article. Once accepted, you’ll be onboarded as a contributor and gain access to all other content types.

To retain your contributor status, you’ll just need to publish two articles per year with IoT For All.

Publishing with IoT For All is free! We think everyone should have the opportunity to share information and resources regarding IoT and its related technologies.

Looking for additional opportunities to showcase your brand and solutions? Check out our Partner Program, which gives you access to some additional benefits to support your content and marketing strategies.

That depends! We never promise that backlinks will be kept, however our Editorial Team reviews each link submitted with an article to ensure that it provides sufficient context and information.

If you submit an article and believe a link was removed in error, feel free to reach out! We’ll be happy to give additional context or review the inclusion again.

There are! Our article guidelines are available in full here, but to summarize – any articles submitted to our site should serve to educate or inform our audience, rather than promote a specific company, service, or product.

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