Connecting IoT devices in home markets has its challenges – with multiple network technologies and securing your IoT solution. When connecting products globally, these challenges multiply and new ones enter. Handling multiple operators, contracts, and technical integrations – as well as staying on top of ever-changing regulations.  Which brings more complexity and costs to manage it all.

Scalability Needs Simplicity

Telia Global IoT Connectivity scales instantly without the hassle of multiple partners or technical integrations. We take away the complexity of managing IoT on a global scale.  Compliant global connectivity has never been easier, with only one SIM.

With our pre-integrated operators, you get instant global connectivity, with roaming where it works best but also local connectivity when needed. Our uniquely built cloud-native network overlay gives you full control to orchestrate your connectivity and data in near-real time, through one interface.

“With Telia’s solutions, we can now streamline our operations and logistics, as well as connect our machines in 40 countries with reliable connectivity.” –Ponsse

  • Embed flexibility with a single SKU
    Get the simplicity of a single SKU and the flexibility to manage your SIMs over the air. With SIM cards powered by eUICC to support multiple operator profiles, you can change and manage as you please.

  • Mitigate risk with globally compliant connectivity
    With only one contract and one technical integration, you gain access to a pre-integrated ecosystem of operators, assuring compliant connectivity even in highly-regulated or hard-to-connect markets – such as China, India, and the Middle East. We negotiate, and you connect.

  • Scalability and security with a programmable network
    Lift your IoT data to the cloud and manage your traffic and connectivity cost-efficiently. Self-service capabilities let you keep your IP traffic private and secure. Define what your IoT devices can or cannot access, and how your data traffic should be routed.​ Management is made easy with one APN and SMS short code that works seamlessly across our operator networks.

  • Control and management are made easy with one interface
    All this is accessed and managed through our portal or the interface to our IoT platform that orchestrates it all. REST APIs also provide simplified integrations to other systems and increases flexibility.

Award-winning Telia Global IoT Connectivity gives you speed to market and helps you reduce the cost of managing IoT connectivity on a global scale. It keeps your products connected and compliant – all around the world – even as the world changes around them.

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