Supercharge SOTI MobiControl with SOTI XSight: the diagnostic intelligence solution. designed to reduce costly downtime and improve the return on investment (ROI) of business-critical mobility.

Available as an on-premise or cloud solution, SOTI XSight extends your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) in order to gain deeper insights and greater control over your devices in the field. Check out this introduction video to learn more about SOTI XSight: the diagnostic intelligence solution.  

SOTI XSight: Solving Your Biggest Challenges 

As mobile device fleets grow, so too do the number of mobile issues impacting worker performance, bottom line productivity and customer satisfaction:   

When devices are in the field, companies can’t see what’s happening with them. They are unable to hold or touch the device to remediate issues. They don’t hear from the end user when a problem occurs.  

Without remote access and monitoring software, companies can’t understand when issues occur, what’s causing costly device downtime and do not know how to solve the problem and improve future device performance. 

SOTI XSight: Keep Devices and Workers Up and Running

Research shows enterprises need the following capabilities and insights in order to maximize device uptime and ROI: 

  • 68% want better business intelligence to help navigate future unseen issues. 
  • 67% need better tools to diagnose issues before they become a problem. 
  • 67% would like better security and user authentication across all mobile devices. 
  • 57% are looking for better ways to their expanded portfolio of mobile devices.  

That’s exactly what SOTI XSight does. It integrates with SOTI MobiControl and remotely puts any mobile device – a smartphone, tablet or rugged device – into the palm of your hand even if its thousands of miles away. 

SOTI XSight works at scale. It monitors, resolves and improves the uptime and productivity of thousands of devices at a time with a myriad of features and capabilities: 

Operational Intelligence: Use readily accessible data to make smart decisions regarding your devices 

  • Pull critical data, such as battery health, and smartly determine the right time to purchase replacement batteries. Closely monitor device performance through app usage, data usage and signal strength analytics. Locate misplaced/lost devices to protect data. With this out-of-the-box information, you’re equipped to maximize device efficiency, lifespan and ROI. 

Advanced Diagnostics: Always know what’s happening with any device in your fleet 

  • Waiting to pull diagnostic data doesn’t help the end user, customers or business. Access the device data you need quickly and conveniently to resolve issues to keep your workers working and your customers happy. 

Automated Monitoring: Know of problems the moment they occur  

  • Set up watchlist parameters for battery drainage, data consumption and even physical damage. When devices exceed those established parameters, you’ll instantly be notified and be able to take proactive action to address the issue quickly. 

Incident Management: Provide support as if the device and end user were next to you 

  • SOTI XSight delivers the industry’s most comprehensive remote control capabilities.  Manipulate the device as if you were holding it and improve interactions with the end user by remotely drawing, whiteboarding and annotating on the device screen, as well as recording audio and video of the support call. Get instant access to device logs, profiles, statistics and configurations to troubleshoot mobile issues which occur in the field. 

Operational Intelligence to Transform Your Business-Critical Mobile Operations 

For any industry and for any device problem, SOTI XSight’s powerful operational intelligence features give you a total view of what’s happening with your device fleet: 

  • Watchlist: Receive proactive notifications of potential issues to avoid downtime on device metrics such as low storage, high memory usage, high data usage and the number of times the device has been dropped. 
  • Device spotlight: Zoom into a specific device to gain a deeper understanding of its operations by viewing metrics for carrier signal strength, app data usage, most used apps, battery health and device location. 

Here’s how SOTI XSight’s operational intelligence helps all industries better understand the issues behind costly downtime and quickly resolves them: 

Challenge: T&L drivers can’t deliver goods on time because poor network connectivity interferes with them receiving pick-up instructions. 

  • Solution: Determine whether carriers are delivering the cellular coverage needed in the areas where drivers are using business-critical apps.  

Challenge: Home healthcare providers cut visits short and cannot send prescription requests due to ongoing device issues. 

  • Solution: Remotely download rich data files to capture the state of the device when the problem occurred and send that information to developers who will use it to remediate the issue. 

Challenge: The IT department of businesses utilizing in-home service technicians, onsite engineers or other types of field services has no visibility into battery health, meaning batteries fail to last full shifts (resulting in loss or productivity) or the organization overspends thousands of dollars on battery replacements (negatively impacting bottom line performance). 

  • Solution: View battery metrics such as health status and make informed decisions to only replace batteries which have actively degraded in health or proactively replace batteries which are trending toward failure.  

Challenge: A retail organization specializing in footwear builds an app to track real-time inventory of its products, along with other key information such as available sizes and colors. Yet they do not know how much the app is used (if at all), how much data it consumes and its overall ROI. 

  • Solution: Access operational intelligence to determine which apps are being used the most, how often and for how long. Identify apps which need to be tuned to minimize data usage and costs while maximizing usability and efficiency and apps which should be retired and removed from the device. 

Learn More About SOTI XSight 

By combining remote control software and advanced diagnostics capabilities with powerful analytical insights, SOTI XSight: the diagnostic intelligence solution that tells you “why” there’s an issue and provides answers on “how” to solve it.